Our Process:

A key aspect of EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions development process is a technology-driven process to ensure consistent quality. Our team has developed and continues to refine a three-phase, six-stage project development process shown below.


Pre-Audit Assessment

  • Collect preliminary information on the project; outline and organize the processes for an effective lighting audit
  • Interview key stakeholders and research applicable rebates and incentives


On-Site Assessment

  • Walk through the entire property with facility managers and engineers
  • Perform lighting audit with our cloud-based application and capture all significant luminaire attributes required for a successful specification


Solution Design & Development

  • Review audit information/data and create the most cost-effective lighting solution that maximizes the net ROI
  • Create photometric designs if required to validate the proposed lighting solution

Rebate Analysis & Presentation

  • Explore applicable utility programs, analyze energy savings, and apply and track rebate applications
  • Present solutions/recommendations to the client and refine plan to meet project goals and lower operating costs on an ROI basis


Project Execution

  • Oversee and implement all aspects of the solution on a turnkey basis, including coordination of subcontractors and vendors
  • Finalize the engineering and project scopes of work for contracting purposes

Measurement & Verification

  • Measure and verify the solution to secure rebates and incentives; validate energy savings and ROI for the project
  • Project sign-off is signed by the client and all stakeholders in the close-out meeting