We help build and sustain the quality EV charging infrastructure needed for electric vehicles to thrive. We deliver end-to-end EV charging solutions to meet requirements unique for every business.

Flexibility to Choose Your
Charger & Network

EGS Advanced Energy Solutions has partnered with the leading players in the electric mobility space to offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions—hardware, software, and services. Our flexible model helps you choose from multiple stations and networks that best suit your infrastructure.

Save with Rebates and Incentives

Rebate Analysis & Processing

EGS’s expert rebate management team helps
navigate through the available rebate and incentive
programs to choose the ones that provide
maximum benefit for your business.

Utility, Local, State Rebates

Most states, utilities, and even some counties have
their unique incentive programs to help business
owners establish EV charging infrastructures at a
low cost.

30% Federal Tax Credit

The federal government offers a tax credit of up to
30% for EV charger installation and hardware costs;
the limit stands at $1000 for residents and $30,000
for commercial installations.

Make-Ready Programs

Light-Duty EV Make-Ready programs support the
development of electric infrastructure by providing
incentives even up to 100% of the costs associated
with EV charging stations.

Hardware and Network Services

Load Management

Load management enables you to charge multiple vehicles with your building’s existing power capacity by allowing charging stations to communicate and distributing steady electricity to each.

Fuel Optimization

Fuel optimization ensures optimal charging and reduces the operating cost of the distribution network to minimize the EV station owner’s energy arbitrage benefit loss.

Charging as a Service

Charging-as-a-service model can fund your electric vehicle charging infrastructure as a package where all costs are built into a single ongoing service fee and provides end-to-end services to operators.

Turnkey EV Charging Solutions

Our turnkey EV charging solutions empower you with end-to-end services to build and operate an EV charging infrastructure that meets your budget, schedule requirements and boasts a charging program that is beneficial for your business and customers

  • Site Survey & Evaluation
  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Make Ready & Installation
  • Software Training
  • Port Commissioning Support