Do you process over $50,000 per month in incoming credit card transactions?

If so, you are a candidate for the Credit Card Processing Audit.

  • All credit card processors notoriously overbill and add in fees without your knowledge. Our audit gets rid of any fees that don’t belong and, in most cases, reduces your spend going forward.
  • We do NOT want to change your credit card processor. We want to get your current provider to reduce your monthly bill.
  • Our fee is simply a percentage of what we SAVE you every month. There are NO upfront fees.
  • On average, fees are reduced by 20% – 40%.
  • We will monitor your billing going forward to ensure the changes stay in place and no new charges are added.
  • Fast Turnaround – Savings are active within six weeks.
  • Easy Process -There is basically no work on your end. All the work is done directly with your credit card processor.
  • US Businesses currently spend $180 BILLION in credit card processing fees, $63 Billion of which results from errors and overcharging.