EGS Advanced Energy Solutions, whose in-house audit staff has over 35 years of experience, continues to offer contingency-based refund and savings opportunities to organizations of all sizes. Our philosophy is simple; provide significant refund and savings opportunities with NO out-of-pocket expense – EVER.

Over the years, we have negotiated millions of dollars in refunds and savings for thousands of customers throughout the United States. Our clients include The West Point Military Academy, Dunkin Donuts, New York State Insurance Fund, ADP Payroll, YMCA, DHL Courier Services, and The Sands Hotel and Casino.

Some of our refund analysis and reduction assessments include:

Utility and Telecom Audit: Nearly 80% of utility and telephone bills contain errors. We do a forensic evaluation that goes back six years and obtains recoveries. Once completed, we will help reduce costs by removing overbilled items, reducing charges, and removing unused services. NY clients qualify for an additional 18% compounded interest!
Credit Card Processing Audit: If you process over $50,000 per month on your corporate credit card statements, we will reduce these costs by an average of 25%. We don’t care who your processor is. We audit them all, and they all contain errors. We know all the industry ways to overcharge you, and we fix them and make sure they stay that way.
Employee Retention Credits: If you were negatively affected by COVID and have at least seven employees, this refund from the Federal Government is for you. The refunds are large, and these are refunds and NOT loans. You do NOT have to pay them back.
Class Action Settlements: Most of our customers can benefit from one or more class action settlements currently in existence. We will show you which of these apply to you.

Utility and Telecom Audit

Reclaim Your Money, Lower Your Expenses

Expense management is a top five expense. As corporations revisit spending priorities, a focus of C-level executives has been redirected to cost recovery and reduction activities. Control on revenue expenditure has many tangible benefits including; reduced expenses, available capital, greater employee productivity, quality of service, and bottom line savings.

With a retroactive, historical refund lookback of up to four years, coupled with a three-year ongoing analysis of your accounts, we help you keep the utility companies honest!

“4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are over billed by the utility at some point.”
– The Washington Post

With the likeliness of utility companies making errors on your bill and no cost to examine your bills, there’s no reason not to have EGS Advanced Energy Solutions find money that belongs in your pocket!


Most utility bills can contain errors and be reduced through sophisticated negotiations –
over 90% of our clients save money!

Eligible Categories


  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Third-Party Suppliers
  • Water
  • Sewer


  • Local & Long-distance
  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • Wireless (cellular)
  • IT
  • Internet


  • Refunds, Credits & Rates
  • Tariff & Billing Procedures
  • Rebates & Tax Credits
  • Usage & Demand

Credit Card Processing Audit

  • Do you process over $50,000 per month in incoming credit card transactions? If so, you are a candidate for the Credit Card Processing Audit.
  • All credit card processors notoriously overbill and add in fees without your knowledge. Our audit gets rid of any fees that don’t belong and, in most cases, reduces your spend going forward.
  • We do NOT want to change your credit card processor. We want to get your current provider to reduce your monthly bill.
  • Our fee is simply a percentage of what we SAVE you every month. There are NO upfront fees.
    • On average, fees are reduced by 20% – 40%.
  • We will monitor your billing going forward to ensure the changes stay in place and no new charges are added.
  • Fast Turnaround – Savings are active within six weeks.
  • Easy Process -There is basically no work on your end. All the work is done directly with your credit card processor.
  • US Businesses currently spend $180 BILLION in credit card processing fees, $63 Billion of which results from errors and overcharging.

Employee Retention Credits

Was your business affected by Covid?
Did you take a PPP Loan?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, you would qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

  • Currently, only about 6% of the funds set aside by the Government have been used.
  • Unlike PPP loans, these are refunds that you do NOT have to pay back.
  • The amounts are LARGE and in today’s economy, every business can use this assistance.
  • Our fee works out to approximately 10% of the refund. There is no out-of-pocket expense. You pay after you have received your refund.
  • Our affiliate, Tax Credit Company (a division of Experian), is the leading preparer of these credits. They fully stand behind their calculations, and with a team of former IRS attorneys, they will provide any assistance needed should you ever be audited.
  • Very little time is needed on your part. We do all the work with your payroll company. A simple 30-minute call is necessary to make sure you qualify. At this time, we will also estimate your refund.

No out of pocket costs to you!
We work on a contingency basis; If no errors are found, then you don’t pay!