Reclaim Your Money, Lower Your Expenses

Expense management is a top five expense. As corporations revisit spending priorities, a focus of C-level executives has been redirected to cost recovery and reduction activities. Control on revenue expenditure has many tangible benefits including; reduced expenses, available capital, greater employee productivity, quality of service, and bottom line savings.

With a retroactive, historical refund lookback of up to four years, coupled with a three-year ongoing analysis of your accounts, we help you keep the utility companies honest!

“4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are over billed by the utility at some point.”
– The Washington Post

With the likeliness of utility companies making errors on your bill and no cost to examine your bills, there’s no reason not to have EGS Advanced Energy Solutions find money that belongs in your pocket!


87% of utility bills contain errors and can be reduced by sophisticated negotiations –
over 90% of our clients save money!

Eligible Categories


  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Third-Party Suppliers


  • Local & Long-distance
  • Satellite
  • Cable
  • Wireless (cellular)
  • IT
  • Internet


  • Refunds, Credits & Rates
  • Tariff & Billing Procedures
  • Rebates & Tax Credits
  • Usage & Demand

No out of pocket costs to you!
We work on a contingency basis; If no errors are found, then you don’t pay!