Advanced Energy Solutions


Advanced Energy Solutions


  • Fixed Price
  • Flexible Index Solution
  • Block and Index Options
  • Blend and Extend Options


  • Fixed Rates
  • NYMEX +
  • Index +
  • Blended Options


  • Real-time Energy Usage Software
  • Demand Response
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar
  • LED Lighting Retro Fits

EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions

  • Outstanding, unparalleled customer service 
  • Custom energy strategies to fit your business needs and electric and natural gas budget 

OUR MISSION is to help customers make the best sustainable energy choices…

At EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions our Mission is to save companies time and money in negotiating and comparing costs related to procurement of Electricity and Natural Gas supply services.

EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions stands behind our visionary commitment to provide exceptional customer focused consulting, best market prices, and expert knowledge regarding energy procurement strategies.


We value business relationships that further smart choices for our nation’s energy future.

  • Relationships: We value relationships deeply. We also treat people with dignity and respect.

  • Customer Centered: We know our customers care about their businesses and customers, so we support them in everything we do.

  • Reliable Service: EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions procures quality products on time, every time.

  • Innovation: Our leading marketing, education, and technology differentiate us—creating pleasant and efficient experiences for our customers and team members.

  • Resourcefulness: We’ve grown up on old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity. No matter the challenges we and our customers face, we take initiative to overcome with simple, effective solutions within our capacities.

 • Sustainability: It is our responsibility to ourselves and children to further smart choices for our nation’s energy future.