Gas Usage Bill Reduction Albany NY

EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions will:

  • Analyze all of your gas accounts and provide a comparison of each account to competitive market prices and to the utility supply tariff rate.
  • Review each supplier’s and utility’s specifications, and make cost-reduction recommendations that are specific to each account and are the most financially advantageous to you.
  • Evaluate historical usage and billing statements, and verify the accuracy of each utility and supplier invoice.
  • Discuss all findings in depth with no risk, cost, or obligation.
  • Structure a Request for Proposal based on your unique requirements, including terms and monthly volumes to send to several qualified, licensed suppliers.
  • Notify you of opportunities to take advantage of dips in NYMEX pricing.
  • Represent your best interests, explaining all contract conditions and negotiating any supplier requirements that are disadvantageous.
  • Interface with your utility and your chosen supplier to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Monitor your account and the utility, provide tariff updates, and identify future cost-reduction opportunities.

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