EGS is fully committed to green and renewable energy standards, and are your perfect team to help you achieve your clean energy goals for your organization. From renewable energy products to upgrading facility efficiency, we can help you accomplish your sustainability goals with ease.

Demand-Side Energy Advisory Services:
Often, the biggest savings happen before the utility meter spins. Efforts such as lighting retrofits, control system upgrades, HVAC equipment improvements, and water conservation projects reduce your overall usage and in return save you money. EGS-Advanced Energy Solutions provides energy advisory guidance and cost analysis to help you implement and execute a solution with guaranteed savings and financing options funded by the energy savings.
Renewable Energy Services:
At EGS Advanced Energy Solutions, our team has extensive experience working with clients to provide renewable energy as a part of a sustainability program. In many cases, clients can choose a competitive supplier and still save money compared to prices offered by your utility company.

Energy Management Platform

EGS utilizes world-class benchmarking software that allows insight at a granular level for all of our clients that require a deep understanding of their energy usage as well as a centralized repository that is accessible 24/7.