Was your business affected by Covid?
Did you take a PPP Loan?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you would qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

  • Currently, only about 6% of the funds set aside by the Government have been used.
  • Unlike PPP loans, these are refunds that you do NOT have to pay back.
  • The amounts are LARGE and in today’s economy, every business can use this assistance.
  • Our fee works out to approximately 10% of the refund. There is no out-of-pocket expense. You pay after you have received your refund.
  • Our affiliate, Tax Credit Company (a division of Experian), is the leading preparer of these credits. They fully stand behind their calculations, and with a team of former IRS attorneys, they will provide any assistance needed should you ever be audited.
  • Very little time is needed on your part. We do all the work with your payroll company. A simple 30-minute call is necessary to make sure you qualify. At this time, we will also estimate your refund.